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If you, the viewer… on your smartphone.. or tablet, or 💻laptop. possibly desktop. do not understand what it is you are looking at, this Photography is about photography. 📷 📸 //knowing of the processes, the color works chromogenic- most of which are original. Placing the iPhone in contact with the chemical-ed paper, to make photograms- with the screens cyan beams burning tungsten shadows and the flash revealing magenta in its’ filling light. This is a process performed only by Cali Kurlan Studio.

Further the images are complicated the farther they are removed from the process, hence their necessity in photograhy (whoever ‘they’ are). though “you” are looking, might not be seeing…

*Can Contact for a Closer Look

*Prints (if “you” can see) are either a one-of-a-kind, true to the size of the recognizable photogram imagery . 📲(chromogenic), 🎞(silver gelatin), etc…


© Cali D. Kurlan, 2018