Glass Fence is an installation of 5-video monitors, curated by Cali D. Kurlan within a storefront in the Flatiron/ East Chelsea, District, New York, NY. The monitors display recent videos by Cali D. Kurlan, Bridget Leslie, and Lucas Perez that loop in this un-enterable storefront during daylight hours. Their content is related not in a serial way, but in their varying conceptual relationships to, space, technology, communicating, providing a cerebral window view into these relationships and how they relate or critique exhibition within the art world. As a non-commercial or art-related space hosts these videos, they question the passerby or speed to which we may absorb information- they provide one interpretation as a longer meditation, but for the passerby, the videos provided images that clue into symbols relating to these subjects (i.e. Photoshop Transparency, iPhones, obscuring of Camera perspective, emojis, etc.).

Previously On view at: #33w17

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Glass Fence Opening
Glass Fence Opening

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