#33w17, in East Chelsea, New York, is an interactive art space dedicated to hosting ongoing projects, interactive performance art, and curated solo exhibitions focusing on emerging artists and musicians. #33w17’s Gallery manager and event coordinator assists on-site in the facilitation and coordination of events including live performances, exhibition openings, and artist symposiums. The following exhibitions were curated by Cali D. Kurlan in collaboration with the exhibiting artists:


Hyper-Cube Converted

Solo Storefront installation: Daria Zhestyreva


Untitled Installation

Performance and Installation: Haleigh Nickerson

Haleigh Performance gif.gif

A (Solo) Storefront Exhibition

Featuring Artist James Hsieh


Glass Fence

Featuring works by Cali D. Kurlan, Bridget Leslie, and Lucas Perez




Installation and performance by Cali D. Kurlan


Www.ChairsInstallation.com is a site-specific public art piece in a storefront window I installed in the flatiron district, NYC, for two weeks in February 2016. The spectator could not enter the space rather viewed looking into the storefront window. The installation's intent was to engage and explore the way we see images. This experience is reactive and interactive

As a storefront, this installation extended to the critique of the pictorial image. Strategically in a public sphere, it also refers back to the critique of structures placed for viewing art in institution and online. This site-specific space is typically used for commercial purposes, so it works from within because it is labeled as a website and as a gallery or furniture design store it would be expected to be branded.This installation developed through several iterations and I continued exploring methods of engagement in a public sphere cognizant of its benefits and limitations after the initial exhibit date had passed (i.e. Merch). 

Performances within the space were created during the extended exhibition time. All performance were site-specific and the viewer still could not physically enter the space. When a figure performed within the space, calling attention from the street, a new interaction was realized. The viewer was now not only participating with their eyes, finding varying degrees of reflections in the color field print, but now became aware of the temporality of this space as the storefront's audience was a pedestrian passing by.